Shirley Coyne Passes

From the MI State Director of MUFON

Sadly, on April 9th, 2009 former Michigan State Director Shirley Coyne passed away at age 69. Shirley energetically held this position during the early to mid 90’s, assisted by her husband George, who passed in 1994. After George passed away, Shirley retired from UFO hunting and remarried, changing her name to Shiann Tafoya. I personally have Shirley to thank for bringing me in to MUFON. After I reported some of my own encounters to her in 1993, she invited me to join the organization. I was so impressed with her kindness and professionalism that I did. You couldn’t know Shirley without her leaving a deep and lasting impression on you.

For those of you who may have never personally met Shirley, she plays a prominent role in the MIMUFON training video that is still distributed to our Field Investigators, “How to Interview the UFO Witness,” and much of the video was filmed at her home. In news of another passing, legendary paranormal investigator and writer John Keel, author of “The Mothman Prophecies,” died on July 3rd at age 79. As our next Michigan meeting won’t be until September, please consider heading out to Colorado for this year’s Symposium.